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Aptage has been acquired by Planview!

We’re thrilled to share that earlier today, Aptage was acquired by Planview. We’re excited about our future together.

Read more in the Press Release.

ai for project and management

AI for Projects & Management

ai for project and management

Improve your risk management through state-of-the-art forecasting and machine learning for Agile projects.

  • Aptage | RBd helps your Agile project reliably meet schedule.
  • Aptage is math, but it looks like answers.
  • Knowing the odds of success helps you win.
Aptage risk burn down

Run project with confidence.
Risk has no place to hide.

Aptage Risk Burndown Tool

"Reduce the Red": Bringing State of the Art forecasting and Augmented Intelligence for Agile Projects

Aptage risk burn down

Agile now has the fuel to transform

  • No more late surprises on your projects.
  • Objective data tells you really where you are.
  • Now have the right tools for the right conversations.
  • Works with your tools. Atlassian JIRA™, Microsoft Project™

What Problem Scenarios
Can Aptage Solve?

Green, Green, Green, Red problem

The project is on track right up to the last minute, but the status suddenly changes to ′red′. Teams leverage hope, optimism, and luck, not trusting in actual status of project.

Always Yellow Problem

A team declares ‘yellow’ from day one so they can be right when something goes wrong. If the project happens to be successful, then they expect hero status for succeeding with such a troubled project from the start.

Game of Chicken Problem

Multiple organizations or teams participating on a project, hope the other organization goes ‘red’ first. Teams always claim they will make the deadline, even when everyone knows it’s not true. They bet it far more likely that one of the other departments will have to raise the red flag first, so they are able to say “we could have made the deadline…but it was those other guys!”

Unhealthy Organization Culture

Conflict, tension, death marches, cut corners, technical debt, missed deadlines, unhappy customers, quality problems, attribution problems, information hiding, CYA, and apathy.

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