Better Ways to Manage Uncertainty.

When uncertainty is the problem, Aptage is the solution.


Enterprises that manage, not ignore, uncertainty are more competitive

You never have all of the information… but Aptage uses what you do have to improve your odds of success.

Predictive Insights

Aptage uses past performance and team experience to understand and predict your likelihood of success.

Know when to change course.


Aptage builds confidence views into your work flow. Aptage helps you draw better conclusions.

Confidence to plan, execute, and deliver.

Guided Action

Aptage doesn’t look like math, it looks like answers. We build a simulation of your business that helps you manage risk and uncertainty.

Act without drama or regrets.

New, Agile Sprint and Release Tools


Learn about our first product!



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Meet the Founders

We’ve learned how to weave data science and business together in a way that is both consumable and actionable


John Heintz

CEO John has worked to forward essential innovation in software management for 20 years. He successfully founded a consulting company days before the 2008 bust that today serves international clients and partners, applying cutting edge architecture, organizational design, and process control services to companies of all sizes. John is a published author and international speaker.


Dr. Murray Cantor

CTO Murray has been leading cutting-edge ideas in software and systems development for over 35 years. As an IBM Distinguished Engineer, he led the application of predictive analytics to software and systems planning and development and was the Rational Lead for Analytics and Optimization for Software and Systems. In addition to many articles, he is the author of two books: Object-Oriented Project Management with UML and Software Leadership.

News and Press

Our CTO, Dr Murray Cantor PhD, talking about Aptage at the BBC Business Daily show.