Meet the Aptage Project Confidence Calculator


Friends of Aptage, meet FRAnK: the Aptage Feasibility Risk Analysis Knowledge tool.

FRAnK, otherwise known (for now) as the Project Confidence Calculator, is a lightweight, easy-to-use version of our core technology. We took the Aptage engine and trimmed it down to the fundamentals so you can easily see how risky your project plan is and commit to a date with high confidence without investing much time estimating or planning.

Here’s how it works. You provide the Project Confidence Calculator with some big-picture info about your planned project, like:

  •      High-level features (proposed capabilities/things you want to build)
  •      Number of resources required (people or teams)
  •      How fast they will probably go
  •      How long you think it will take (sprints or months)


… and estimates of risk/uncertainty, if you have them. Upload it to Aptage, and you get answers. The Project Confidence Calculator takes your resource, schedule, and scope estimations and quickly turns them into a precisely calibrated feasibility and confidence analysis.


Here’s an example: you are setting out to bid an agile project with a tight deadline (7 sprints to finish). If you saw this analysis, would you commit to delivering it?

Sprints to delivery


In this scenario we would probably not commit to a firm deadline with that scope, but rather keep talking to manage scope or schedule to mitigate this risk.

This tool supports any and all estimation techniques, from agile to traditional man-month or engineering days estimating techniques and everything in between. That means that no matter how you look at your proposed projects, we can help you do it more accurately. It also crunches the data remarkably fast, so you can quickly try out a few scenarios and be ready in minutes to commit to a date on your fixed bid project once you’re satisfied.


So how does FRAnK really work, from a more technical perspective? In brief, we enable triangular estimates and calculate natural uncertainties that are then combined into an aggregated risk assessment. The input, a few configs and some features, looks like this:




The Project Confidence Calculator returns a risk scoring percentage and schedule management data. For the example spreadsheet above the full output looks like this:



The tool is super lightweight by design, with the intent of supporting portfolio and project planning efforts more easily and accurately. Is it helpful? Does it meet that objective? We’d love to hear that from you.

Try it out for yourself. Download this template,

Aptage Feasibility FRAnK

Fill in the values for a project you are evaluating, and email it to us at and we will send you back the analysis.

Get in touch to get your hands on FRAnK and see if the new Aptage Project Confidence Calculator helps you estimate dates and on-time delivery more efficiently.

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