Our Aptage AI was mentioned in Ton Dobbe‘s blog post. Read the entire article here, on the Value Inspiration website.

A very nice by-product of the use of AI to augment people is that it allows them to not only make ‘split-second’ decisions but decisions that are also much more accurate. Normally it’s the opposite as speed and accuracy often don’t go well together. My interview with John Heintz, CEO of Aptage, highlighted a solid example that proofs speed and accuracy can go hand in hand. The Aptage solution augments Project Managers in their day to day job to ensure a project will succeed as planned. This means it not only highlights potential issues earlier than a human could normally spot, it also provides an indication of the effect ‘when doing nothing’. So, it’s not so much the speed by which the insight is offered, but much more the accuracy that’s gained to keep a project under control. And that’s where a massive value for any project intensive organization can be achieved. John Heintz: “There’s just simply no hope for the rest of us to apply risk and probabilistic thinking with only gut feel. That’s where we fall prey to hope based planning. If we can measure that uncertainty with risk, with AI, with learning algorithms, then the human mind in this equation can make better, easier decisions that are informed by the probabilistic thinking that the engine is really good at.”

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