Improving outcomes for projects by reducing risk


Executing complex projects, like investing in an innovative product, is not easy and fraught with risk. There are many dependencies, moving parts, and people involved. Aptage AI addresses some of this complexity, but we knew we couldn’t do it with software alone.


Aptage is excited to announce our first formal partnership with Roeder Consulting, a leading project and change management firm. This partnership will allow us to not only to reach more customers, but also provide premier consulting services in project management to help customers optimize their project management processes.


Who is Roeder Consulting?

Roeder brings 17 years of experience driving positive change through helping organizations prioritize and achieve project success. Their holistic philosophy focuses on both technology and people, empowering teams to optimize project management technology and put the right people in place for project success. Their focus on organizational change as a key component for the successful execution of projects makes them a perfect partner to compliment Aptage’s capabilities.


Together, we provide better wholistic solutions

Roeder recognizes that innovation is imperative to their customers in order to stay competitive. Roeder saw value in Aptage AI’s ability to eliminate uncertainty throughout project planning and execution. Today using Aptage AI, Roeder can partner with clients to proactively address issues during project planning and execution using available data sooner than ever before. This allows clients to plan smarter, ward off potential issues, and achieve success in meeting deadlines and staying in budget. Aptage, coupled with Roeder’s expertise, empower teams to objectively quantify risk, develop best in class processes, and deliver successful projects.


Aptage is thrilled to be working with an industry leader in project management consulting and can’t wait to see how this impacts Roeder’s customers across industries.


If you think you can benefit from our partnership, reach out to us today.

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