Project Navigation: Ai for Project Management

AI technology is becoming part of everyday life. In your pocket or purse is a GPS that forecasts when you’ll arrive at your destination, warns you of traffic or obstacles and suggests alternate routes. This is AI we use every day. It’s become critically woven into how we navigate our travels. If we couldn’t use this tool we’d be half-lost, unsure when we’ll actually arrive and surprised by obstacles we didn’t see coming. Does this feel to you like managing projects?

Navigation uses AI to forecast arrival time, see traffic/construction way ahead, and deal with uncertainty.

Inside these navigation apps are powerful AI engines that learn from what is actually happening on the roads and put that insight to work to give us reality-based status, forecast arrival times and advise us on choices and likely consequences. These same techniques are being applied to project management today and will become indispensable in the next years. 

Every project is an uncertain journey. When will we finish? – this is the biggest question and often the hardest to answer. To an AI engine this question is broken down into: a) uncertain inputs like estimates and ranges; b) previous plans for reference (if ever done before); c) actual progress to learn from; and finally d) a probability output that measures confidence. For example, that output could be “57% confidence the kitchen remodel will finish before the holiday” and “83% confidence to finish before holiday, if we skip replacing the backsplash”.  See the Aptage Risk Burndown for more details.

If you have a goal, a (lightweight) plan, and you track progress, then these techniques can work for you too! Aptage Ai is GPS for Project Management, because every project is an uncertain journey. 

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