Aptage & Agile

Agile is the Development
Method of Choice
in Innovative Efforts

With the worldwide developer population of Agile to reach 25 million by 20211, it is clear that Agile if the future of project management software


Current Practices in
Agile Estimation

Planning Poker:

A team-centric “wisdom of crowds” based approach.

The Good:
Better forecasts through soliciting multiple expert opinions.

The Bad:
Useful information about team uncertainty is lost.


Velocity Estimation:

Mostly guessing from past history.

The Good:
Team history is often tracked.

The Bad:
Assumption of steady state and ‘expected’ value.


The Gaps
in Agile

Agile is best we have, but misses key guidance.

Agile teams are advised to:

  • Forecast Sprints
  • Predict capacity
  • Manage risk to successful delivery

but are not told how.

Aptage | RBd addresses that gap. 

Why Development
Organizations Need Aptage

Industry leading research2 shows that despite advances in agile software project success, over 82% of large projects do not meet schedule, budget, or quality targets.

Aptage helps organizations increase project success and mitigate lost value by helping them:

  • Gain objective statistically valid measures of program risk
  • Promote a culture of shared understanding and open dialogue
  • More quickly identify risks and enable early intervention
  • Increase confidence in meeting schedules and budgets

Success defined as on time, on budget, satisfactory result for all software projects from FY2011-2015. The total number of software projects is over 10,0002.