Aptage Risk
Burndown Tool (RBd)

'Reduce the Red': Improve your risk management through state-of-art forecasting and machine learning for Agile Projects.

Aptage risk burn down

Your Transformative Boost To Agile

  • No more late surprises on your projects.
  • Objective data tells you really where you are.
  • Now have the right tools for the right conversations.
  • Works with your tools. Agile ™, Jira™, Microsoft Projects™

How are your
projects running?

Aptage Risk Burndown (RBd) tools help you
increase project success by helping you:

  • Gain continuous objective and statistically valid measures of program risk
  • Promote a culture of shared understanding and open dialogue
  • Provide a platform for inspect and adapt
  • More quickly identify risks to enable early intervention before risks can compound and cascade into late-stage missed commitments, cost increases, and failures.


Aptage RBd has state-of-the art-math and learning algorithms, but is intuitive, easy to learn, and easy for you to use. Aptage’s objective analysis enables development organizations and leadership to better communicate and control the real risks and uncertainties inherent in software development and innovation.

Aptage doesn't look like math,
it looks like answers

  • Confidence in risk analysis provides you a better common understanding between your development organization and the business about acceptable levels of risk and the timing of deliverables.
  • Early identification of risks enables early intervention before program risks can compound and cascade into late-stage disasters and failure.
  • No barriers to adoption through leveraging the Agile fundamentals you already use.
  • Use the subjective and qualitative rough sizing data you already have to start out with, but as time goes on develop real models that decrease variability.
  • Provide Scrum Masters with real tools and suggestions for when problems arise.

Risk burndown 10 week plan

All-too common project

Risk burndown

Well Managed Project
with Aptage

Knowing the odds of success helps you win

Aptage RBd takes your planning poker data as an export (integrations are being developed), whether Jira, Version One, CA Agile (Rally), or other, and uses your own existing data to run analytics that give you powerful insights and objective perspectives.

How Aptage | RBd Works

How Aptage Works

Export your data from your
current development system

  • Epics with broad estimates
  • Stories from decomposed epics
  • Low/Med/High story point (or hours) estimates for stories or epics
  • # of iterations in plan
  • Priorities
  • Risk tolerance

Aptage | RBd Features

  • Leverages the data that you do have
  • Uses all of the team’s input to improve accuracy
  • Provides visual analysis of velocity and risk trends
  • Uses advanced machine learning algorithms to make recommendations
  • Supports different innovation risk profiles to fit projects

Aptage | RBd Benefits

  • Reveals when project is heading off track before it is too late
  • Better planning through AI assisted recommendations and simulations
  • Quantitatively visualizing risk enables collaboration and reduces conflict
  • Avoid deadline surprises through better program execution
  • Better risk adaptation between standard and innovative projects