Aptage provides better tools for Scrum Masters and their teams to understand and objectively communicate project risks to meet schedule.

  • Reveals when project is heading off track before it is too late.
  • Better planning through AI assisted recommendations and simulations.
  • Quantitatively visualizing risk enables collaboration and reduces conflict.
  • Avoid deadline surprises through better program execution.
  • Better risk adaptation between standard and innovative projects.
  • You know that your team’s velocity isn’t fixed.
  • As teams have more history, the variance becomes a meaningful difference.
  • As the team’s composition changes, the velocity changes with it.
  • Not all size scores are created equal.
  • Has the team ever agreed on an item being a 5 in the first round?
  • Later in the same session, the team negotiates a few 2’s, a few 5’s, and one 13 to a consisnous 5 with the uncertainty lost?