This documentation contains examples and a set of short documents that explain how to use the Aptage RBD for MS Project. We will be updating these documents and adding new ones as the offering evolves. Please check back frequently. Each of these documents can be found by clicking the links in the table below.

Using Aptage for MS Project entails adopting our template. The documents explain how to install and use the template.


Topic Purpose Materials
Using the TemplateStep by step directions for installing our template into the MS Project environment1. Document: Using the Aptage MS Project Template
2. MS Project Template: Aptage_RBD_Template.mpt
Importing Projects into the TemplateStep by step directions for importing an existing project file into Aptage template1. Importing Projects into Aptage RBD
2. Example model:Current_Proj.mpp
Entering ProgressStep by step directions for:
1. Creating an initial plan from the template including using the new columns
2. Entering progress into the project for ongoing efforts
The documents:
1. Creating the initial plan.pdf
2. Entering Progress in the Aptage MS Project.pdf
Running Aptage for MS Project1. Step by step directions for using the Aptage RBD client for uploading project files
2. An explanation of the report returned by the Aptage RBD app.
The documents:
1. Running Aptage for MS Project.pdf
2. The Aptage for MS Project Report.pdf
ExamplesExample project files using the template for various domains1. A Readme.pdf document describing the files
2. Three example project files
3. 3. Three screenshots of the Gantt charts of the examples


Please consider these documents to be beta and send any questions, corrections or suggestions to our CTO, Murray Cantor, at

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