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Product Increment Builder

  • Product backlog grooming is difficult, release planning is difficult, and the permutations for building out a backlog can be mind bending.
  • Even just 10 items on the backlog can be worked through over 3 million different ways.

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  • You know that your team’s velocity isn’t fixed.
  • As teams have more history, the variance becomes a meaningful difference.
  • As the team’s composition changes, the velocity changes with it.

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  • Not all size scores are created equal.
  • Has the team ever agreed on an item being a 5 in the first round?
  • Later in the same session, the team negotiates a few 2’s, a few 5’s, and one 13 to a consisnous 5 with the uncertainty lost?

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Product Increment (PI) Tester

You think you know what fits in the product increment (release), and your stakeholders are always pressuring you to fit in “just one more thing”.

Saying “no” is often difficult, especially when some stakeholders feel like it’s all made up.

The PI tester allows you to visualize your product increment in a digestible way allowing you to provide stakeholders a confidence level for each item in the release.

This allows you to say “we will see if we can fit it in, but were XX% sure it will fall into the next PI”

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